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Karnato Sausage: Fresh pork meat, leek, oregano.

The rich full taste of meat flavor (as the name says) “marinate” and boost the leek and the Katogi wine. It is ideal for all cooked dishes with sausages. It goes very well with onions, tomato sauces and vegetables. According to your dish choose to accompany it one of respective intensity dry red

Λουκάνικο Κασσιάτο Λουκάνικο Κασσιάτο

Karnato Sausage:

Fresh pork meat, leek, oregano.

With full quality control in all the production process.

From the selection of first materials until the packing and the release of ready product.

That’s why our Metsovita’s sausages

will surprise you with their rich perfume spices and their unique taste!


Our company applies system
safety and food quality
accordance with standards
ISO 2000:2005, ISO 9001:2005, IFS: ver 6

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